My Personal Casting for a Live Action Disney Portrayal of ‘The Little Mermaid”


I remember wishing so badly for my feet to suddenly sprout into fins so that I may become a beautiful mermaid, swimming through the ocean with the fish and the crabs. I also wanted to sing like Ariel, and perhaps meet a Prince Eric of my own someday. As soon as I read the book for the 1st time sitting on my balcony in New York overlooking the river I felt more alive than ever.

Most recently, Chloë Grace Moretz was cast as the lead in The Little Mermaid. Although much is unknown about the production, I thought it would be fun to do my own casting of The Little Mermaid if it were to be based on the BOOKS.

So we already have…

Chloë Moretz as Ariel
I am so ecstatic that she was cast, as I know she’ll be able to play Ariel’s naiveté as well as her spunky courage. Did I mention how gorgeous she is? What about the other characters, though?

Kit Harington as Prince Eric
We already know he’s sexy, and he plays an incredible leader as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. All he has to do is soften up a bit from that stark (had to) character, and BAM! He is the perfect Prince Eric.

Ryan Hurst as King Triton
Hurst is perfect for playing a caring father who also rules with a strict hand. I know he also has the skills to be a bit gentler when it comes to showing his love for his daughter.

Latrice Royale as Ursula
“She is large, in charge. Chunky, yet funky. The bold and beautiful.”
This is drag queen Latrice Royale’s famous quote, and I feel like the same could be applied to Ursula, the evil sea witch. Latrice has the personality and the flair to bring on quite the performance for Ursula.

Jacob Tremblay as Flounder
Tremblay is such a cutie and he is so sweet. Just his speaking voice alone is so quiet and soft, he’d portray Flounder incredibly well.

Idris Elba as Sebastian
His voice is deep and calming, therefore he would be the perfect person to portray the little crab who is so full of love and care when it comes to Ariel and her well-being. I’m sure Elba has the skills to pull off a Jamaican accent, as he is a very talented actor, in case we feel like making him very specific to the animated version of the film.

Charlie Day as Scuttle
No one plays neurotic and scatter-brained like Charlie Day. Scuttle is constantly moving and twitching, and Day seems to know how to emulate that energy. He would make an incredibly hilarious Scuttle. While the actual The Little Mermaid film that is currently in production is based more on Hans Christensen’s novel, I would still be down for a live-action Disney version.

Stay tuned to my blog for other reviews on books and fantasies. Let me know what you guys think too of my casting choices. When I read the books I always picture real life actors in their places instantly… I wonder if it’s the same of you guys.

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