Review of two of my favorite books


Most of the people we met have their own different opinions about books. I love reading books since I was a kid. However, things are different for me now. I have made my choices from my experiences all these years. I have made a huge collection of some of the rare books and made my own library. Reading book is an addiction for me, hence I try to encourage people reading good books (there’s no such word as bad books, although!) that will motivate them for more and more and a lot more. Here are my personal opinions about two of my favorite books I will suggest you all to read at least for once.

Harry Potter:  Series of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, one of my favorite writers, is the first book I started reading and then goes reading more and more. The first series of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone that has reached another level of science fiction and at the same time thrilling and action story. A boy named Harry Potter, who finally comes to know by a giant man Hagrid that his parents were murdered. After a fun and thrilling journey by a train (Harry had to find out platform no. 9 and 3/4), Harry finally reach to Griffindor where he met his lifetime friends Ron and Hermione. I was so little when I was reading it, but it feels the same still now to make an adventurous journey with Harry. How he passed all his tests at Hogwarts and the description is given in such a way that you will feel you are there while reading it. There are three other houses– Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Next one is Harry Potter and the Chamber of secret that reveals another journey when Harry comes back to Hogwarts again. I may not really complete this article if I keep continue expressing my feelings and all the amazing series of Harry Potter. Just read it guys and you will know by yourself.

Fifty Shades of Gray: This is an erotica I have read after so many books of erotica are there in this name. Most of the people have a bad opinion about this book, but it is blasting the book houses, publishers and online ebook collection. Why?  You will be stuck with this book while reading it no matter how bad the writing style (you will feel it sometimes) or some teenager’s dream or something like that. This is a book about a simple bookish girl, Steele and a billionaire Christian Grey with extreme lust issues. They made a contract of having sex and that’s what turns the story to a catchy point is their love issue. You will find so many supporting characters in this book like the one ‘inner goddess’. You will find descriptions of explicit sex here and apart from that some confusion about love and sex described in an attractive manner. Alright, let me stop now as I am sure you are going to read this book if you haven’t read it yet.

That is all for today I think. Just read them and enjoy the feeling to be engrossed in a book.

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