Love and Love Stories of My Life


Hi, this is Sarah from New York and today I am going to share my own story. Most wonderful things happen to you just like a blink of eyes. The hobby or passion of book reading is one of them to me. I cannot exactly tell you the time when and how I started reading books so passionately. But I will tell you about two of my favorite books about love stories today. You must be wondering why love stories and nothing else? Well, the reason is kind of very special. I found my own love story in these books.

True love in the morning sun
True love in the morning sun

One very fine day (now when I remember that most special day), I was sitting in my garden and as usual reading books. Last month I had ordered a red dress from Stylewe, my favorite online shopping place, for a get together and I was wearing the dress that time. Chris (my boyfriend) suddenly came to me and proposed me. I was completely shocked. However, later he admit that it was my dress that made me look like an angel to him and also the way I devoted to my book. And he decided at that very moment to share his life with me.  Magical things do occur and made life looks beautiful.

So, let me share my opinion about two of my favorite love stories. The fault in our start and Pride and prejudice.

  • The writer of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green is already famous for him wonderful adult fictions. I love the total concept of a cancer patient Hazel and a boy Augustus, who fell in love with one another despite so many problems. The book has beautifully described the meaning of life and death and in the meantime, we fell in love. Read it and you will know that love doesn’t need years to fulfill. It may be a moment that is strong enough to make the death look beautiful. When I was reading the book, I just felt my love for Chris so intensely. No matter what, it is the power of love that keeps you alive and makes you strong enough to fight the death.
  • The writer of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen is a wonderful writer and this is one of his best books that explain how a family and their five daughters pass a whole journey of life. This story is about the family of Mr. Bennet and his five daughters. Charles Bringley, a rich man who has shifted to Mr. Bennet’s neighborhood and Mrs. Bennnet secretly holds a hope to marry her daughters. The story goes on with Darcy and Elizabeth who secretly love each, but due to different situation they couldn’t express themselves. Both of them suffered due to their family problems, but love remains in its own place. This is the story where I felt, every crisis can be overcome if you have those eternal feelings for each other.

I recommend all of you guys to read these books for once and know how love changes our life. Loving someone truly is itself a peaceful feeling, no matter how hard the time or situation.

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