Jasmine Acoustic Guitar Review

Jasmine acoustic guitars are a perfect option for beginners and children because of their combination of small price and great durability. Specific wood quality gives you the feel of the professional and expensive instrument. It is lightweight and that is particularly great for new player and children who want to learn how to play. This is indeed a great piece.

Standard features:

· Maple body
· Spruce top
· Mahogany neck
· Rosewood fretboard and bridge
· Chrome tuners and hardware
· Laminated body and neck
· 20 frets


Jasmine acoustic guitars come with specific body style filled with mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard and bridge and a full-scale length of 25.5” that provides you with great comfort when you play it. The saddle has 1.69” nut and synthetic bone on the top. Everything is wrapped in a satin finish. The headstock is compact with chrome tuning and hardware. These guitars come with adjustable truss rod so you are able to adjust the bowing of the neck according to your preference.

Every guitar comes with additional built-in guitar tuner or LED tuner. Some Jasmine guitars have an electronic pickup so there is no need to buy additional guitar tuner. Also, there are 2 different options for pickups, B-Band pickup has an additional presence which gives a boost to treble. That allows your guitar to have crisper. It is quality amplified sound with an ideal surrounding system.


Jasmine acoustic guitars are owned by KMC Music Company in Connecticut. It is very similar to Japanese manufacturers Takamine; however, it was sold in 2005.


These acoustic guitars are very cheap and practical for beginners with limited budget. You can get quality sound for that amount, and it has a great entry level that is perfect for a first guitar. While professional guitars cost more than $1000, these guitars offer you the reasonable price for beginners. It is unbelievable at first, that you can get an acoustic guitar for that amount, however, it’s not made for professional or studio play. It is perfect for your homemade practice.


Jasmine acoustic guitars are made of decent types of wood, therefore they fit your ideas and are great for practicing. It is quite easy to play because the neck is small and frets are close to each other. String heights are maybe too high, so this may pose a little challenge. However, for beginners, it is better to play in these conditions, and if you just cannot do it, it could be adjusted.


If you want to buy a guitar that is easy to play, cheap and made with quality wood and accessories, you should choose Jasmine acoustic guitars. They are not for professional use; but if you want to learn, you don’t have to start from the top.

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